RES (Rudder-Elevator-Spoiler) RC Glider

PRO-RES is a RC glider designed for 2m F3-RES (Rudder-Elevator-Spoiler) competitions, launched by a bungee and the target is to fly for 6 minutes within a 9 minute window followed by a spot landing.
This class is targeted at flyers who would like a low cost competitive model.

The model is made all of balsa and carbon boom fuselage.

PRO F3-RES Specifications

Wing span  2.0 m
Wing area 36.6 dm2
Length  1206 mm
Flying weight from  460 g
Wing airfoil  BC70, BC50, BC30 – (DOWNLOAD airfoil set)
Controls  Rudder, elevator, spoiler

DOWNLOAD free RES glider plans  and Laser Cut templates.

Rudder and Elevator


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